citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 8

2. Rick Young, 3829 Trent Lane

One of the things I need to talk about, and I include myself in all of this, is hypocrisy…You know, we’re talking about electricity here…what’s the product of this plant electricity, we all use it, we’re using it here, we got the air conditioner on here, we’re going to go home tonight, turn on lights, get in our electrically-powered refrigerator and get some food out of there finally, but we’re talking electricity, it’s a product we need.

I too want clean air. I very much want that. I want jobs in this community. And I want lower taxes. I’d like all three of those and I think this plant can give us part of those things. This plant, contrary to what the one lady said, is 20 times as big as the Cedar Falls plant, but it only produces twice as much of the toxics from that and the problems from that. Thank god for LS Power, we’ve seen Cedar Falls utilities in the past 6 months quietly start putting scrubbers on there…I mean that plant’s been godfathered. It’s been running year after year after year and we’ve been taking all that stuff from that plant. UNI’s got a tower up there that’s a coal-fired power plant. Who’re we kidding? John Deere’s just shut their’s down. They need to have electricity to keep their plant going here and our jobs going here. We’re talking electricity.

It’s like going to a used car lot if we’re afraid to talk electricity maybe we want to talk cars. You have a chance to go to the car lot and get a car. We understand there’s 37 on that lot, I think it was 74. It sounds like 35 of those are hummers. One’s going to come online, it’s a hybrid, it’s a Primus, it’s not even on line at the Mid-American Energy plant, I don’t think …you’ve got a chance to go to that used car lots and.get a high efficiency car that’ll get you where you want to go….It’s still going to produce some pollution, it’s still going to burn gas…but a lot less than what we’ve got now. The government regulations, I think they’re going to change very definitely with global warming. I hope they do, I hope they make it tougher. Because then if you get a plant like this online, they can close down some of those inefficient, grandfathered plants.

Let’s get some of those hummers off the road and go with a modern plant that will keep our jobs here in NE Iowa and this region of the country, and doing it with a lot less energy and a lot less pollution. Thank you.