citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 8

6. Mark Kresowik

I am Mark Kresowik, formerly of 279 Hammond Ave. #1
I responded to the quest of the Mayor. I also do my work in Des Moines.

Start with Mr. Gunderson: which is more efficient? The University of Northern Iowa coal plant or this proposed LS Power plant? I would love to hear your response, but the answer is actually the University of Northern Iowa coal plant is more efficient than this LS Power Plant.

We asked about the tax dollars. I think you’ve heard today that 2022 is the date (based on Mr. Richard King’s numbers and on Mr. Northy’s calculations) of the potential day when this thing will actually pay off.

We looked at the higher rate of respiratory ailments in the Waterloo community, particularly in East Waterloo. Unquestionable!

Is there ground water monitoring at the Dysart Quarry? No! There is no required groundwater monitoring.

Which creates more economic impact to this community? Coal fire generation or renewable energy for the State of Iowa? Unquestionably – renewable energy and energy efficiency! We talked about the Prius and all those things. If you are going to pick a way to go, what is the least cost? Energy efficiency is cheaper up front than new coal generation. It creates more jobs – renewable energy and energy efficiency.

What did the author of the economic impact study say? He said it shouldn’t be used for public policy because it’s one sided. That same author did a study on the economic impact of renewable energy and energy efficiency and found it creates more jobs. It provides more economic impact. It pays off much quicker than the 2022 number we heard about earlier.

What about the transmission lines? We don’t have any answer about where are they going to go or how they impact our agricultural land. They don’t know that answer.

The answer about where the waste goes… They don’t know that answer.

When Tom Powers said when he recommended annexation to you (a 6 – 5 vote) what he said was “I don’t know the answer to these questions.”

What percentage of Waterloo voters are opposed to this project? Two informal surveys done (one in the East Waterloo community and another in the John Deere plant-just random employees asked) estimated 80 percent opposition to this project.

When you ask these questions, you have to realize there is better technology, even supply side co-generation (combined heat and power). There are so many better alternatives to this that don’t use this agricultural land (this precious treasure that we have so little of and so much demand for in this State) It’s time to move forward and move this economy forward.

You want to attract young people to this community? Say No!