citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 7

8. Joseph Edwards 312 Prospect Ave

My name is Joseph Edwards, I live at 312 Prospect Ave.

It’s a Historical district…a few years back we purchased a home…we got a loan from the city, it was a revitalization loan, so you are letting people go over to that area, and revitalized it. All the houses over there that have been vacant or the elderly moved on to nursing homes have been purchased and new families are moving in there. I am getting married there, my fiancée likes it there and there is a school not too far. We like that neighborhood, the kids run around and play..and I’ve been on the web doing some research and I found a couple of interesting articles, its about a coal plant…”False Promises of Clean Coal” from American Electric Power Corp, and it states here that they had actually purchased a town for $20 million dollars, because they were in violation…and so they purchased the town and then the lawsuit went away. The IGCC type plant, which is, from what I’m reading here…it eliminates the …it eliminates the CO2 and NOX, this company is planning on building one of those plants. This is about a year old, so I imagine its already set. What about the an…ammonia…what about the risk of that?