citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 5

4. Betty Sadler, 2620 Crane Creek Road, Waterloo IOWA.

Good evening,
My name is Betty Sadler, I live at 2620 Crane Creek Road, Waterloo IOWA. There is much talk tonight about the health affects of this coal plant…I’ll just give you a little bit of background of what I do for a living…
I’m an insurance referral nurse. I work in a large clinic here in Waterloo and I held this position for the last seven years. I work for 6 pediatricians and 2 pulminologists. By the way those are lung doctors.

I work with the young and the elderly and I quote “ I work with the (?)….population, as Kathy French referred to them. I can tell you from doing my job that lung related illnesses are on the rise in Black Hawk County. Asthma, COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease and lung cancer to name a few. I obtain authorization to obtain for my patients nebulizers and/or oxygen. The EPA is being sued all across the nation, from ten states on the East coast to five states right here in the Midwest for not doing its job protecting the public from air pollutants such as those put in the air by coal fired power plants. Since I work in health care and also with insurance companies every day I am sure it will not take an actuary very long to figure out where you live in relation to a large coal fired power plant. Then most your health insurance premiums rise at the likelihood of you contracting a lung related illness and will be much higher if you live in a 30 mile radius of a coal fired power plant.

An actuary is the person who works for insurance companies and figures out risk factors and looks at how many times you use your insurance, I am talking health insurance and if you live close to a coal fired power plant or anything like that that affects your health, they are going to figure that you will use your insurance more often and you will be charged more for your premium right up front.

According to the EPA website small particulates are responsible for lung related illnesses that have the greatest impact on the young and the old, as we know. This plant will emit thousands of pounds of particulates on an annual basis. Can you explain to me, councilmen and Mayor, how filling our air in the Cedar Valley with thousands of pounds of particulates will be safe for children and the elderly, our grandchildren and our parents? Do we need the IUB and the DNR to tell us what is an acceptable level?

One more question: what organizations were asked their input concerning the potential impact on the health of citizens here in the Cedar Valley. Thank you.