citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 3

2. Don Shoultz, 295 Kenilworth Road in Waterloo

My name is Don Shoultz and I live at 295 Kenilworth Road in Waterloo. I believe that’s in Ward 5. Mr. Mayor and Council members,
I’m here representing future generations of Iowans who obviously can’t be here to represent themselves. You may ask yourselves,
How does it fall upon a little city council in a small town in the Midwest to try to save the world by trying to send a message that we’re not interested in having another big coal fired plant built using the same technology that has been used over the years?
I would submit to you that you are our last best hope.

When you look at what’s happening in Congress and the Legislature, there is so much influence from corporations and associations and lobbyists and money that it’s very difficult for them to hear the people who are here tonight to listen to them and their concerns about what’s going to happen to the future generations of the planet.

I submit one thing (I hadn’t planned to say, but since it was mentioned), that LS Power was going to give $400,000 to UNI for research in biomass. If you recall, the paper was right. That was contingent on the legislature not passing legislation. Now that may be standard business practice, but to those of us who would like to influence legislation and don’t have $400,000 in our pocket, that sounds a little bit on the shady side.

In the legislature over the years we have attempted to (in the 1980’s) and we were very effective in putting in place practices that would increase efficiency of use of electric energy. We mandated that the utility companies (the investor owned, and the REC’s and the Municipalities) make plans and invest money in energy efficiency.

And because of that mandate, we have reduced the peak load, by over 1,400 Megawatts (That’s two of these plants that you have out there). And also, we have reduced the power (the need for electric energy) by somewhere around 2 million Megawatt hours annually. That’s significant, and that is the best kind of energy that you can get because it’s non- polluting and it’s free when you don’t use it in the first place. It’s very, very important that we not pass this. My reasoning for not wanting to annex the land is that if we don’t annex the land it won’t be built in Waterloo or in Iowa or any other place, I hope.
The mayor of Seattle started a project to have 141 Mayors to sign on to a document that they would adhere to the Kyoto agreement. As reported in Newsweek Magazine, over 435 Mayors have already signed that to comply with the Kyoto agreement.
Mr. Mayor, you have said this project is a goldmine. Knowing what I know about the environmental impacts of gold mining, I wouldn’t want a gold mine in Waterloo either. Thank you.