citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 2

4. Nathan Northey, 214 Niagara Dr, Waterloo

Mr. Mayor, members of the City Council, tonight I want to ask you about your goal number 7 at the top of your agenda. …

Now the city goal is to reduce property taxes. My remarks will relate to that.
I’ve been working with Black Hawk County engineer Richard King. I went to see him last Thursday, and I went over his document that he has given to the board of supervisors about the infrastructure costs related to this power plant..

I related that to the Planning & Zoning board I hope you all have a copy of this information. The items that we went through, item by item, and discussed, several were identified as are on regular the schedule for improvements.

In addition to those items there were several others scheduled for the near future and had not been addressed yet as a monetary cost. While not perfect I feel this document provides us with a picture of the improvements of the infrastructure that the taxpayers will face if the plant is constructed and if Newell St. is open for industrial development.

This will probably not be the last industry that will want to move to that area once that street is open and the different infrastructure things are moved there.

As we look outside that immediate site, there are many transportation needs that will be becoming an issue and will need to be addressed.

Many of the roads are not up to the standard for heavy truck traffic.
Railroads are also a problem, for example a few days ago when someone was killed at the intersection of Falk Rd. at a plain marked intersection rather than a lighted or gated intersection.

There are 23 intersections or crossings that will have to be looked at. Only 3 of those are gated. At the cost of approx. $180,000 per intersection, that’s $3.6 million that someone will have to be spent, and in my research I have found it’s the taxpayer. The railroad does not pay for it and you know Mr. Mayor it takes several years to get one approved to get it changed from the state or the feds.

Also of special concern is the crossing at Elk Run road. We heard tonight that there would be a temporary light to facilitate traffic movement.

I feel there should be a permanent light there. And also there needs to be a better railroad crossing at North Elkrun Rd and Newell where it crosses.
All of my data says that it is going to take us approximately to the year 2022 to break even and I quoted that in an editorial I recently sent to the paper.

The money we are to be getting from LS Power will not balance out until 2022.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.