citizens of the Cedar Valley address the proposal for a coal burning power plant

Waterloo, Iowa

City Council meeting

May 7, 2007




c e d a r v a l l e y s p e a k s

Group 1

4, Joan Webster-Vore from 202 Bonnie Blvd in Hudson.

I have one comment and some questions.

Almost every day we hear or read in the news about some extreme natural disaster unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes that seem related to climate change. Everyday we hear or read that more and more scientists are accepting the fact global warming is of real concern. It seems to me that supporters/ promoters of the LS Coal Fired Plant proposal are so anxious for it to be built that they are in denial about the evidence of co2 emissions and global warming and in denial about the impact this coal plant will have on ourselves and future generations. We need to look at the big picture and think beyond our immediate needs. We need to think about the global impact this plant will have.

My questions are: Coal Fired Plants require a lot of water in plant production. It was mentioned that some of the water will be reclaimed waste water effluent. What percent of water would come from that source? Where will the remainder of the water come from, the Cedar River or our aquifer which provides our drinking water? How will that impact our water supply? And where will the water go to after it is used? Into the river? How will the temperature difference impact the ecology of the river? Will it be contaminated?

If you are considering the quarry on Dysart Rd., I understand that the water table there is very low. What about the heavy metals in the fly ash being disposed in the quarry? Will they be seeping into our aquifer, our water supply?

Please get specific answers for all of the questions before you make a decision.